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What is the single most important question an entrepreneur must answer?


How big is my market?

Without knowing how big your market is, it is impossible to estimate your market potential, to calculate your market share, or assess your target demographic.


Canadian Market Estimate Profiles give you the answer.

Drawing on the most current household expenditure data available from Statistics Canada, CME profiles provide you with insight into:

  1. how much Canadian households spend on your product/service


  2. what percentage of households purchase your product/service


  3. income and household characteristics of your best customers/service

For more information on the market insights provided by a CME Profile and to view a case study please see our article: What can be learned from household spending data


Comprehensive Detail

Each profile is 18 pages in length and includes graphs, tables and descriptive commentary.

Over 300 specific expenditure categories are covered by the database. Click here to view a list

Three years of data are provided in each profile so you can trace trends in the growth of your overall market and examine key drivers behind it.

Information is provided for Canada, 10 province and 15 metropolitan areas (St John's, Charlottetown-Summerside, Halifax, Saint John, Quebec City, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Winnipeg, Regina, Saskatoon, Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Victoria).

The nature of the data however is such that you can use it to estimate market size in any city, town or region in Canada. (We show you how!)

View a sample.
Click here to view a sample in Adobe Acrobat format


I don't see my market listed

If you are not sure which category best suits your market needs send us an e-mail. For some businesses, the CME database is not appropriate. We also can help you to get at market information in other ways.


How are they created?

GDSourcing is an Authorized User and Distributor of selected Statistics Canada Computer Files under Licensing Agreement 6705

Canadian Market Estimates were developed by GD Sourcing specifically for Canadian small businesses. They are based on the Statistics Canada survey of Household Spending. For more information on the survey methodology see the Statistics Canada web site

The data covers the years 1997-2001. 2001 data was released in December 2002.


How much does it cost?

The cost for one CME profile is only $75.00 plus G.S.T.

You will not find this kind of detailed information at a better price any where else!

Looks great but my budget is non-existent


Looks great but my research budget is non-existent.

Unlike every other research company, GDSourcing recognizes that most Canadian Small Businesses do not have extensive budgets available to purchase data.

If you have a very limited budget or are conducting an initial feasibility study, you may only require the summary version of Canadian Market Estimates.

Each summary profile includes all national figures available for your particular commodity including income and household segmentation.

The cost for one CME Summary profile is only $16.00 plus G.S.T.

Click here to view a CME Profile Summary sample.


Ordering & Delivery

You can order CME profiles right on-line.


Your profile will be e-mailed to you within one working day in Adobe Acrobat format. Orders received on Friday will be e-mailed Monday morning.


If you have any further questions please e-mail us at



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