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 Canadian Bankruptcy Statistics


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Welcome to our FREE bankruptcy statistics section.


To find out how many businesses went bankrupt in your industry between January and December 2002:

  1. Select your sector from the drop-down list
  2. Choose your specific industry code

We have also provided the total number of establishments in your industry as of December 2002.  This is to help you put into perspective the number of bankruptcies in relation to the total number of businesses in an industry.  For example an industry with 3 bankruptcies out of 15 businesses is a source of greater concern than one with 150 bankruptcies out of 14,000 businesses.


The industries are organized by SIC (1980) code.  For full definitions see the Statistics Canada web site.

The data is based on statistics from the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy.  Contact them for more details and further information.


Please note: Only a small percentage of businesses that cease operations actually declare bankruptcy.  This data should not be used to determine failure rates.

A better and more detailed guide to industry performance is our Canadian Industry Profiles